The following drawing gives the dimensions of the machined part for attaching the metal spout to the plastic fuel container. The upper section contains pipe threads (3/4 NPT) for attachment to the pipe/nozzle/tubing portion of the modification. The part is machined from a black iron pipe coupling (3/4 NPT x 1 NPT). The 1 NPT threads are machined out. The 3/4 threads are left in place. The dimensions were obtained by measuring the dimensions of the plastic nozzle and cap associated with the fuel container.

Two street els are required to adjust the angle on the spout to 90 degrees relative to the side of the fuel can which will be rested on the wing. All copper to copper joints are soldered.


The complete list of parts obtained at Home Depot follows:

Black Reducing Coupling 1 x 3/4 - $1.35

3/4 Xclose Nipple - $0.89

Two - 3/4 copper street els - $2.00

Copper tube (rigid) five foot length - - $4.97

3/4 Copper male adapter (pipe to tube) - $0.97

3/4 Natural gas ball valve - $6.97


Total (without tax or machining costs - $17.15