Pouring Spout for Plastic Gasoline Cans

Application of a Metal Pouring Spout

The pictures that follow show the construction and use of a metal spout for pouring from a plastic, gasoline-approved, 5-gallon container.  The spout is all-metal and incorporates a metal ball valve which allows the container to be positioned at the fuel tank inlet prior to initiating the flow of gasoline.  The metal spout also contains a grounding wire.  The spout and the aircraft can be grounded prior to positioning the spout at the fuel tank inlet.  It is recommended that the spout also be used in conjunction with a grounded, metal tube inserted into the fuel tank to strip charges from the falling fuel.

No warrantee or guarantee is stated or implied for this modification.
A parts list and machine drawing can be accessed by clicking: PARTS LIST AND MACHINE DRAWINGS

Pouring Spout for Plastic Gasoline Cans
Spout On Can
Spout On Can - Detail
Spout Pouring_01
Spout Pouring_02
Spout Detail_01
Spout Detail_02
Spout Detail_03