Dr. Marcus P. Borom
Materials Scientist - Retired
Aviation, Adventure Travel

My Homebuilt Long EZ - First Flight Aug, 1986

Welcome to Marc's world of Adventure Travel, SCUBA diving, Photography, Sport Aviation, and Homebuilt Aircraft.

Blackbeard Cruise - Live-aboard SCUBA diving in the Bahamas

Adventure Travel has taken me to many remote and interesting corners of the world including jungles and backroads of India, Australia, New Guinea, and Central and South America. My experiences are documented in the journals included in my web pages. Come and travel vicariously with me.

Gray Angel

SCUBA diving opens the hidden world of the undersea and expands one's understanding of the origin and diversity of life on this planet. The coral reef emphasizes the interrelationship and interdependence of the many life forms present on this planet.

We have the awesome ability to destroy them all -
including ourselves.

We are obligated to:
make careful choices,
walk lightly on the Earth,
before enacting a change,
we must ask the question,
"And then what?"
The SIMPLE answer
is generally

Written Story of
My Crash & Re-build

Story of
My Crash & Re-build

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